Re: Compiling gtk+-1.0.0

Christoph Henrici <> writes:

> > how about adding -lXlib -lXext :) if they are alreday on the link line,
> > are the X libs installed in a strange place? add a
> > -L/path/to/dir/X11/lib whatever to the link line to tell the linker to
> > look there.. 
> That did it! Thank's .... i had to finger around with
> generated
> makefiles... i assumed autogen would take of those things ... 
> specially since i have the X libs in quite a normal place:
> /usr/X11R6/lib.
> I have to check autogen out!? (probably hav'nt understood quite yet..)

First, you don't need to run unless you are 
using GTK+ from CVS. (Just run ./configure)

GTK's configure should be able to find /usr/X11R6/lib without any
problems. Could you send me the file 'config.log' that is
gnerated when you run ./configure normally?


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