RE: [gtk-list] Re: Expose_event on GtkDrawingArea

On 08-May-98 Joakim Hove wrote:
> Hi,
>  > Another odd bit of behaviour, nothing to do with event handling is that
> the
>  > program from which the above is extracted does weird things when the
> window
>  > manager tries resizing it. Basically it won't let the window manager make
>  > it any narrower than the 300 pixels set in the "set_usize" call, yet it
>  > will allow itself to be made smaller vertically than the 200 pixels set
>  > in the same call to "set_usize"! I assume this is something to do with
>  > Afterstep - but has anyone seen similar behaviour elesewhere? I think I
> saw
>  > it do the same thing on FVWM too, but can't prove that right at the
> moment.
> I have no idea about your other (most important !) problems, but at
> least my FVWM, 2.0?? respects *both* the heigth and the width
> specified with set_usize.

I get the same thing with Afterstep at least...with my program this effect can
cause crashes if you shrink the render window right down 8^/


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