Re: [gtk-list] Re: Announce : new irc client(s)

> Since we now have about 5 different IRC clients, it seems to me that it would make a *WHOLE LOT MORE* sense if all of the IRC client authors worked together on 1 client.  A nice client is something that we need, but wasting time competing between each other is pointless.

this is a good idea, but i also agree that some projects belong separate.
i shouldn't say anything about this because i don't know if it will ever
work, but i'm kicking around the idea of a gtk frontend to ircII-EPIC. my
project shouldn't be merged with anyone else's, as it is very different.

for those wondering, if this project works, it would be very cool. i could
use alot of help with it. right now, i have a simple program that reads
data from a pipe and displays it in a gtktext widget, parsing all ANSI
color codes. of course, my parsing is really really hacky, and the program
uses popen(), and so can't output to the piped program (if an IRC client).
if anyone would like to see what it is so far, or even volunteer to help
with it, please reply to me in private email.
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