Re: [gtk-list] Re: Windows NT port of GTK+

On Fri, 1 May 1998, Louis-David Mitterrand wrote:
> This would be potentially huge:
> - cross-platform GUI development from Linux, no need to reboot;

Already have this, in WxWindows, Qt, Java, and likely some others.

> - possible cross-compilation to both targets with the Cygnus tools;

Everything on Windows would have to be GPLed due to the Cygnus tools; that
might put a damper on the spread of this thing in the Windows world, if
the non-native L&F wasn't enough. 

> - consistent GUI framework on Win95/NT and Linux;

As long as Windows is more important than Linux, no one in the Windows
world wants this. Even if the L&F were native. 

Plus the above-mentioned cross platform toolkits already exist, today.

> - immediately a huge market for Linux developers of shareware and
>   commercial apps that refuse to work in W32;

Huge market for non-native Unixish stuff? Doubt it.

"Immediately" = "In several years when this project is finally finished"

> - de facto standardisation on the GTK L&F;

Highly unlikely, given the number of native Windows apps and the fact that
both Java and WxWindows look native.

> - exposure to mainstream computer press;

Will already have this by the time your port is done if Linux/Gtk/Gnome
are at all successful.
> PS: it could be the last nail in Java's coffin.

I think the time would be better spent on a free implementation of Swing.

Face it, Gtk is a Unix toolkit. There are already a number of cross
platform strategies, including toolkits and Java. All of them are better
*now* than a hacky, non-native GtkWin32 would be in several years. 

Havoc Pennington

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