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//Hi all!

Hi Daniel,

//Im very new to gtk and i ran on a problem during the installation. I
//think that my lack of knowledge is the major problem. My problem is:
//when I "tar +zxvf gtk+-0.99.7.tar.z" in a temp directory it unpacks all
//files properly.
//I enter the directory created, and run configure. I seems to run
//After that I choose "make" and it starts compiling it. It also works out
//fine and
//I have som different dirs containing compiled code. (I have tried to run
//the test-files under X and it works)
//Now to my problem, were and how do I install the dirs? (gtk,gdk,glib)

Sounds fine so far. The way to install stuff is to say 'make install'. That 
will install stuff under /usr/local by default, I think. It that's okay, fine. 
If not, you should run configure --prefix=/i/want/it/here/instead and then 
rerun make.

//Hope someone can help me.
///Daniel Kertby


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