Few minor pre-1.0 comments


  I have few comments about current release of gtk+:

1) Be aware of 100dpi fonts - for example with these fonts color wheel in
gtk_color_selection is an elipse :)

2) Somebody already reported this one while ago: if you enlarge window with
panes (in testgtk app) move vertical bar to the right as much as possible
and shrink window down than the bar becomes invisible.

3) HandleBox (again from testgtk) - first time GtkHandleBox does not detach
smoothly - firstly new window gets different incorrect size and a while
after that it gets coorect size.

4) GtkCombo - I tried to make console entry using GtkCombo - but I met one
of combo's shortcoming - the ENTER key (entry's signal `activate') is hard
wired to gtk_combo_popup_list so it is impossible to easily disable this
feature (at least list blinks on the screen...)

5) GtkCombo (again :) - may be I have missed something but I think there is
not easy way to insert new items to GtkCombo history - gtk_combo_set_popdown\
_strings destroyes whole list and rebuild it from scratch...

  .... also GtkCombo button should be much more beuatiful.... (no - just a joke
being snobish... :)


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