naive questions

Hi.  I'm trying to make sense of gtk.  I have a few questions:

1) the label widget has a size_request method, but no size_allocate.
I guess that means that there's no one-time change needed when its
size changes unlike e.g. a button.

2) gtk_widget_size_request() increases the ref count while it signals
the widget to resize itself.  Why?  Isn't the ref count already going
to be non-zero?

3) Looks to me like a menu consists of three pieces:
   a) a menu bar container whose function is to send popup signals and 
      locations to a menu.
   b) a menu container whose function is to hold menuitems.
   c) menuitems, a container which holds an item.

I'm trying to figure out how to add pie menus to gtk.  Looks to me
like I'm going to make something like a menu.  It's going to request
sizes of its children, position them as needed, then communicate the
positions by calling size_allocate.

-russ <>
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