RE: [gtk-list] 3 simple questions

Folks, please check the Tutorial/FAQ/testgtk.c before asking

On 02-Mar-98 Jorge GS wrote:
> 1. How do I get an item ("help" in this case) right justified in a
> menu 
> bar ?

Use the function:
void gtk_menu_item_right_justify (GtkMenuItem *menu_item);

> 2. I have a help dialog (which is a GTK dialog Widget) that is
> created 
> when I activate the help item in the menu bar. I want to block all
> the 
> main window functionality until the dialog is closed. How do I do
> this ?

Use the function:
 gtk_grab_add (GTK_WIDGET (dialog));

> 3. The menu bar widget looks a lot like a button because of it's
> "hard 
> edges". Is there a easy way of changing this or that's just the way
> it 
> is ?

Not quite sure what you mean by 'hard edges', but I think you're
stuck with it.

> I'm still using version 0.99.0 of gtk.

I suggest you upgrade to 0.99.4, which has fixed lots of bugs and
added new widgets. Does break binary compatability though and there
are API changes though.

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