Re: Text Widget

Lawrence Sim <> writes:

> This problem seems related to some others I have been hearing about on
> this list lately, but I think it's my fault.  The code below, seems to
> produce a text window, with no way of being edited.  I just can't seem
> to work it out.

I edited your example a bit so that I could compile it. (Just
removed the RECORD stuff and changed:

  (void) gtk_text_insert(GTK_TEXT(text), NULL, NULL,
                         NULL, note->sptr, note->header.size);


  (void) gtk_text_insert(GTK_TEXT(text), NULL, NULL,
			 NULL, "Here is some text", -1);

And everything worked fine. (Just to check, you are clicking
in the Text widget before trying to edit it, right? That's
a somewhat confusing point about the Text widget currently.)


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