what does gtk_label_get return? char**?

Here is my code:

gint ctr;
gchar testuser[1][MAX_NICK_LENGTH+1];
for(ctr = 0; ctr < MAX_PLAYERS; ctr ++) {
  g_print("Testing '%s'-'%s'\n", user, testuser[0]);
  if(!strcmp(user, testuser[0])) {
    /* do whatever */

That is my most recent attempt to compare a label with a string passed to
the function... it fails miserably which is obvious to those of you who
know why.

If you could also give a word or two on why you do what you do to get this
to work that would be nice but I'd settle for simply the correct
declaration of the variable I should return to when 'get'ting a label.

Travis Loyd
[email: lelandg@usa.net							]
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