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damn you're good!  And what a dork I am.  I still had the gtk-0.99 version
that came with the RH5.0 install.  I ran the example from the tutorial and
then my puny app; and everythting seems to be working fine.  Still, I would
appreciate if you or someone else could answer me something which I haven't
found in the tutorial.  That is, can I make a call from within a main program to
a function, and then from that function make another call ( gtk_signal_connect
() ) to another function, while passing complete structures to the receiving

Lots of thanks, 


On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, Owen Taylor wrote:
>ajam <> writes:
>> Hi y'all,
>> I wonder if some kind human, although I'm willing to make exceptions,  being
>> would direct me in the right direction with a problem that I'm having.  I'm
>> trying to set up the 'file selection" widget in my tiny application, but I've
>> been getting the same error no matter how I place things.  I can compile without
>> any problems, but when I open the "file selection" widget the following error
>> appears in the terminal:
>> ** WARNING **: gtk_signal_connect() : could not find signal "clicked" in the
>> 'GtkVBox' class ancestry
>> Well, I was convinced that I was screwing up somewhere, but could not find it. 
>> Then I tried the example that appears in the "Gtk Tutorial".  I compiled it and
>> ran it.  Guess what?  It is giving me the same error when I run it.  I don't
>> have to do anything else.  I just run it, and I get the error.  Is there
>> something wrong with the Widget, or is the practice problem missing
>> something else?  Help will be more than appreciated!!!
>The version in the examples/ directory of the GTK+ distribution, which
>should be the same as the version currently on, seems to
>be free of this warning in a quick test. So you might want to try
>that. If that produces the error, check to see that you don't have an
>old version of the GTK+ libraries installed somewhere.
>If you still see it, let us know.
>                                        Owen
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