Re: [gtk-list] GTK-- How do I add some text to a Gtk_Text ?

Ionut Borcoman at home wrote:
> Hi,
> This is an easy one for you; for me it isn't :(.
> I'm trying to write something in my Gtk_Text and the result is that the
> Gtk_Text appear as an separate window !?! What's funny is that this
> window rescales itself when the container that keeps it rescales, even
> that they are separate windows (the place in the container, a HBox,
> where the text box should be is empty). If I close the window that keeps
> the Gtk_Text, I get this:
> ** ERROR **: an x io error occurred
> make: *** [run] Aborted
> or
> ** ERROR **: sigint caught

I've just found a solution for this: to add a handler for the show event
of the Modeling class and insert the text in Gtk_Text there. Is there
other solution ? Because, if this is the only one, it seems to me like a
bug in GTK--. (My GTK-- libs are precompiled debian distribution of
GTK--0.9.7, libgtkmm-dev_0.9.7-1.deb and libgtkmm_0.9.7-1.deb).



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