Re: [gtk-list] Accessing a GdkPixmap?

For information of how pixmaps are stored, you should definitely look in
some Xwindows documentation.  It's complicated, it depends on the
visual type, and there's more than one way, XYPixmaps, and ZPixmaps
(though maybe GTK only uses one of them).

I'd be glad to help with any question you might have.

On Thu, 9 Jul 1998, Constantine Vetoshev wrote:

> I am in the process of writing a GTK+ ray tracer that uses a
> GdkPixmap off-screen buffer. This system works fine for simply
> displaying generated images, but a problem arises when I need to save
> the images. Two questions, therefore, arise: how do I access
> individual pixels of a pixmap, and what is the byte ordering scheme
> for these pixels? I tried to look for the struct definition in the
> include files, but couldn't find it.
> Also, I stumbled on a GtkImage class in the GTK+ reference, but I
> could find no documentation on what it is and what it does. What is
> it, exactly? (I'm just thinking that it might be an easier way of
> implementing graphical images that live in GTK+ apps).
> Regards,
> Constantine Vetoshev
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