file selection widget design problem?

I've looked at the GTK homepage, and as far as I can tell this is the only
place to report design problems.

In GIMP (1.0 and previous versions) with gtk+-1.04 (and previous
versions), there seems to a problem with the file selection widget:

If a file is already selected (highlighted), left button double clicking
on it results in it being deselected, the same as a left button single
click.  IMO, in this case, double clicking on a previously selected file
item should have the same result as if it was NOT previously selected,
i.e. in the case of GIMP, the picture file is displayed.  This is the
first file selection widget that I have run across that works this way.  I
am undecided if this should be the case when more than one item was
previously selected, though I would lean it that direction.

Was this just an oversight, or is there some logic to the current action
that escapes me?

Is there someone/group in charge of the file selection widget that I
should be reporting to?


                            - Martin J. Brown, Jr. -  

                      PGP public key available via finger

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