Re: [gtk-list] lang dir at /pub/gtk

On Fri, 30 Jan 1998, Sascha Ziemann wrote:

> Hi,
> how about a lang dir at for all the different
> language bindings? At this time they are widely spread. Some have dirs
> at, Perl is in CPAN and Objectiv C and Guile are in GNOME.
> I think it will be much better, if all language bindings would be
> collected in a common place.

We already have /pub/gtk/perl, /pub/gtk/python, /pub/gtk/gtk--.
I think you are right though that this isn't grouped well.  I'm
not sure why the other stuff hasn't been uploaded...

I don't like /pub/gtk/lang because I would expect to find French
and German gtk translations there, or something of that sort. ;-)

I suppose /pub/gtk/bindings/ might work.  Any other ideas?

Shawn T. Amundson

while (i) { last }
    i, do exist.

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