Re: Text widget problems. writes:

> [1  <text/plain; US-ASCII (7bit)>]
> > The problem is that the Text widget isn't properly internationalized yet.
> > You can type the Swedish characters into a entry widget (or another
> > program) and copy them over...
> Are there anyone out there working on making it internationalized?? 

In the long term, yes. One of my goals for GTK 2.0 is to make it
work internally with Unicode, and to properly internationalize all
the widgets.

Short term, maybe, maybe not. It would be quite easy to modify the
Text widget to allow Swedish (etc.) characters to be
entered. Unfortunately, that change would also make it possible to
enter characters from the Asian CJK languages. 

While that may sound good, the problem is that the text widget has the
implicit assumption that one byte = one character, and the CJK
languages use variable width encodings. So, the result would be
display corruption, and possibly data corruption or core dumps.


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