RE: [gtk-list] Gtk-- canvas & plot widgets

On 16-Feb-98 Jon Trowbridge wrote:
>I have put a preliminary version of a Gtk_Plot widget up on my home page,
>to go along with the Gtk_Canvas widget that I wrote to this list about
>Gtk_Plot is derived from my Gtk_Canvas, and provides a mechanism for
>plotting data.
>I've packaged Gtk_Plot, Gtk_Canvas and some sample programs into
>a gzipped tar file.  You can get it from:

This seems to be quite useful to me,
especially as I plan to write a kind of vector drawing program,
like xfig. Maybe someone else has the same idea.
I want to use gtk--, as c++ seems much more structured to me.

Now I just have a question regarding the Plot and Canvas widget:
Why doesn't it compile with gcc (2.7.2)?
It says:
g++ -c -g  -o gtk--canvas.o
In file included from
/usr/include/g++/stack.h:29: `_GdkGC *' is not an aggregate type
/usr/include/g++/stack.h:29: confused by earlier errors, bailing out

It seems the stack template  doesn't work.
Do I have to use  egcs or gcc 2.8.0?

Anyway, happy coding to anyone!

E-Mail: Oliver Freyd <>
Date: 18-Feb-98
Time: 22:46:43

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