Re: marshaling in gtktreeitem widget

Marc Ewing <> writes:

> I really don't know what I'm talking about, so take this with
> a grain of salt:

You, however, are completely correct.

> In gtktreeitem.c, we've got:
>   tree_item_signals[EXPAND_TREE] =
>     gtk_signal_new ("expand",
>                     GTK_RUN_FIRST,
>                     object_class->type,
>                     GTK_SIGNAL_OFFSET (GtkTreeItemClass, expand),
>                     gtk_tree_item_marshal_signal,
>                     GTK_TYPE_NONE, 0);
> And in gtk_tree_item_marshal_signal() we've got:
>   (* rfunc) (object, GTK_VALUE_OBJECT (args[0]), func_data);
> Isn't something amiss here?  Should gtk_signal_new() just be
> passed gtk_signal_default_marshaller?  Or is there something
> missing in the definition in gtktreeitem.h?

gtk_signal_default_marshaller, should in fact, be used, since
the only parameter is the object itself. I've made the change.

(In defense of Jerome, there is no documentation on this stuff,
and its quite hard to know what to cut/paste when creating
new signal handlers - I've had to fix up some of my own attempts
quite recently.)


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