Re: [gtk-list] event_window == NULL (was: Bug in fileselection [0.99.3] ?)

On Tue, 3 Feb 1998, Patrice Fortier wrote:

> > BTW: i think we can savely ignore events with event_widget == NULL, now,
> > since marius had the checks for this in his patch, and told me he
> > expects destroyed pixmaps to send bogus expose events with window==NULL.
> hmmm... I read somewhere that when a window (pixmap?) is destroyed,
> an expose event is sent. I can't remember where I saw that but 
> maybe we should check this out.

hehe, your memory doesn't fault you.
when marius first introduced the refcounting for gdk, i brought up
that issue because despite from what marius thought X can generate
expose events for pixmaps. then, owen objected and we had a little
thread about this. i think it was in early december.

now, because of the fact that we are resetting the user_data of GdkWindows/
GdkPixmaps once they is destroyed, we may still receive outstanding events
from them, but the association with the widget is gone.
these are the "bogus" events we get that have event_widget==NULL set.

> Just my $0.02
> Patrice.


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