Re: [gtk-list] checklistbox widget?

On Wed, 9 Dec 1998, Vadim Zeitlin wrote:
>  I'd like to implement a "checklistbox" widget with GTK: this is
> something like a normal listbox (i.e. it shows a column of items
> with scrollbar possibly), but each item has a checkbox at its
> left.
>  Of course, I wouldn't like to write it from scratch, but rather
> somehow use existing listbox and checkbox widgets, however I don't
> really know how to do it. What's the best (or just any :-) way
> to combine them together?

Using existing widgets, you can stuff GtkCheckButton in GtkList, or you
could make a VBox full of GtkCheckButton, or something like that. However
if you have lots of items it could be sluggish. It might look kind of dumb

For gnome-apt, I've hacked a tree with this feature, using GtkDrawingArea.
You can find it at and see if
it's helpful. drawtree.h,


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