Problems with gtk+ 1.1.6

hi all,
Weird problems using gtk+ 1.1.6:
- Compilation and installing was flawless, but
running testgtk i got: can't open display() 0:0
- Tried to patch testgtk to avoid loading and and parsing rc file then i
got: "GLIB:warning could'nt allocate 8192 bytes" and programs crashes
- Also just simple helloworld, shows same behaviour:
GLIB: "GLIB:warning could'nt allocate 8192 bytes" and crashes
With a little debug i discovered two strange things:
- both helloworld and testgtk crash because g_malloc() exausted
available memory
- testgtk executable is 3 Kb in size (too much thin i believe)
No others gtk+ version are installed, i completely remove previous gtk+
My system is a Linux box 2.0.34 with 64 mb ram, gtk+ compiled with egcs
1.0.3, no problems with previous gtk+ version.
What's wrong about that ?
Someone experienced same problem. 
Sorry but gtk+ 1.1.6 is unusable for me.
Mario Motta

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