Re: [gtk-list] Re: Large pixmap strategy needed

On Sat, Dec 05, 1998 at 16:06 +0000, Todd Dukes wrote:
> You might try a tiled approach. You could have a library of tiles. Each
> tile would be a small portion of the map. A map would be a list or array
> of the tiles to use.
> If you need to edit, you probably want to use an XImage instead of a
> pixmap.
> You can use shared memory if you need to display the images quickly
> after
> changing them. 

Is GdkImage a wrapper for XImage? That is what it looks like to me...

> The  O'Reilly XLib programming manual goes into manipulating XImages.

Is this the same as the XLib programming manual that is available on the
net ( It says it is an html
version of the one from X Consortium. If so it might be worth putting in
the tutorial/FAQ as an important resource...

(Thinking aloud) So the basic steps are:

* Load map as tiles one way or another.

* Set up equivalent number of GdkImages using gdk_image_new(), then point
them at the loaded data with gdk_image_get(?)

* Draw the tiles using gdk_draw_image().

* Place any pixmaps on top.

* Make any changes to tiles using gdk_image_put_pixel()

* Call gdk_scratch_head() when things go pear-shaped (OK, perhaps not).

Dave (probably talking utter confused rubbish)

Dave Swegen <>
.plan: To find a job working with Linux

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