Re: [gtk-list] Problem with Solaris 2.6/X86 and Imlib

On Fri, 28 Aug 1998 12:50:38 +0100, (John Looney) wrote:
>  It seems that imlib has yet again been endowed with X server killing
> powers. If any app with a imlib 1.7 & crashes your X server (with only an
> "Invalid unmmap error") then disable MIT shared memory in your ~/.imrc
> file.

I'm not a SunOS/Solaris specialist, but I think I read somewhere that it
is possible to enlarge the maximum size of a shared memory segment to a
reasonable value. Seems to be a tunable kernel parameter.

>  I've logged this as a bug to Sun, but as usual, I got the "It's a 3rd
> party library. Don't expect much" speil. If this could be stuck into
> release notes/FAQ or whatever...

Speaking of which: IIRC the Gimp addresses this shared memory on Solaris
issue (sorry, I don't have the source available over here).

BTW: a crashing X server... if the X server runs suid root and fails with
a segfault, it is trivial to write an exploit that executes some standard
shellcode which gives you a root shell (see the BugTraq mailinglist at for examples). If it really segfaults,
contact Sun and tell them you found a potential securety hole, that will
speed things up.


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