Fixing paint performance

I have some screens that include lots of embedded fields

eg - see the order entry

Each time it comes up, it has to draw all the fields (which may / may
not be visible depending on the context of the order), and then clear
them all, and them populate them all for an existing order. 

This is fine on a K6-300, but when running on a P-100, all of the
individual repaints are clearly visible, which detracts greatly from the
perceived performance. 

There has been talk here before about having draw requests discarded if
other draw requests exist in the queue. Anyone got an update on the
status of this ? 

The other thing that I was thinking of doing was to add a
gdk_window_freeze () / gdk_window_thaw () call to the generic gdk
window. Would this be a dumb idea, or should I just do it ?


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