Dynamic widgets

Hi all,

I have a TOPLEVEL window that contains an hbox.  I want to
dynamically show/hide the hbox.  Currently, I click a button,
and within the button callback, the hbox gets hidden (or shown).
The problem is that when the hbox is hidden, the window size
does not update itself dynamically to accomodate the new size
due to the missing hbox.  An underlying gray region remains 
where the hbox was.  How do I get the window to dynmically 
size itself?


bob mallozzi

Robert S. Mallozzi                                          256-544-0887
                                                         Mail Code ES 84
Work: http://crazyhorse.msfc.nasa.gov/      Marshall Space Flight Center 
Play: http://cspar.uah.edu/~mallozzir/              Huntsville, AL 35812

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