Unicode / bidirectional support for GTK/GNOME


Can anyone shed light on whether GTK / GNOME supports (or plans to
support...) Unicode characters and
bidirectional writing (needed for languages written from right to left
such as Hebrew, Arabic, etc...) ?

I am very much interested in helping make GTK / GNOME aware of
languages from its base, so that it appeals to countries that use those
languages. As an example, in Israel, Windows 95/NT have a very wide and
strong support of bidirectinal writing for hebrew/english, making it much
more apealing for most israeli's to use than Linux as a standard desktop,
regardless of any other technical merit linux has...

If anyone is working on this, or simply has a firm understanding of
GTK / GNOME's architecture, I would very much appreciate recieving as
much info as possible on the subject, together with pointers on what needs
to be done, and where to start from.


Tal Davidson, Israel

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