Re: [gtk-list] Re: DOCUMENTATION (yes, this is shouted)

* Elliot Lee

| I'm not arguing against documentation! (I try to comment my functions, but
| that is only to balance against its occasional ugliness ;-)  I just think
| that what you specifically want to do can be done easily by reading the
| header files.

Just one question: would it not be faster for a programmer which is
new to a library to have a proper reference manual which one can
lookup, other than to read all the dang header files?

I really don't understand why a programmer has to read the source of a
library he's using when he is only doing standard stuff and nothing
fancy? I would never get anything done if I had to read the GTK,
mysql, php3, perl etc source code to understand how to utilise these!

It should be bloody simple to make a small condensed commenting format
for each function which could be parsed through perl (or something
similar) and producing an updated reference manual ready for

Other than that if thank you all for your effort in making GTK, but
please don't make documentation a non-issue.

Preben Randhol                        The absurd is the essential concept           and the first truth.       -- Camus

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