Re: [gtk-list] Font ascents bug

Mattias "Grönlund" <> wrote:
> I'm afraid that I have found a bug in the usage of GtkFont->ascent. The
> problem is that the height of a font is ascent + descent + 1 [....]
> You can see the bug in action by typing an 'Å' (uppercase aring) and a
> 'g' in testgtk:s entry-box. You will see that the g is displayed as it
> should, but the 'Å' has lost one pixel at the top.

Amusingly, this same fault showed up on the my mail reader! Mattias's
example using 'aring' looked just like he described it!

I use "TkMail 4.0beta8" running on top of "wish" 4.2. Evidently, this mistake
is quite well established!


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