keyboard support

	I think that i am faster if I can use the keyboard to handle an OS
or a program (ok sometimes the mouse is faster :)) 
	I'm still wondering why there isn't a better keyboard support in
most of x window apps for linux. let's take gimp, a really cool (yes i like
it!) program, but there is just one thing I hate... gimp supports the
keyboard really sad. no I don't mean the shortcuts.. they are good. but hey,
i cant move with my keyboard in the menus :(( don't know why. guess it's a
problem of the gtk because most of programs done with gtk havent a good
keyboard support. gtk is damn cool... since it supports things like themes
etc. but with such a sad keyboard support, I won't use the gtk-
	and perhaps that's why I like kde more then gnome (hey.. but don't
start a kde <-> gnome discussion now :)). even KDE could have a better
keyboard support. perhaps the linux community should have a look at m$
windows.. where i can do nearly everything with my keyboard. even if i write
a stupid visual basic program.. the user can use it with the keyboard. 
	perhaps it's just beacuse i'm a coder and coders work with the
keyboard - not with the mouse. 

	  tell me if I'm wrong. please. 

	  and don't get me wrong I _love_ linux. 

	  Joel Gautschi (aka  J-freak / Carrots)

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