gIDE 0.0.6

   gIDE 0.0.6 is available for download. Changes include:
	* Popup-Menu on mouse-click	
	* Multi-File-Selection support added
	* Automatic Selection of Highlight-Pattern from filename 
	* One-Line-Indenter
	* File-Infos in Statusbar 
	* New GtkText Patch for GTK+ 1.1.x	
	* Scheme-Configuration-Files (if Guile is installed)
	* Misc. Updates & lots of Bugfixes 
	* ...

   gIDE is a gtk-based Integrated Development Environment for C. The
   development has just started, but gIDE already features a powerful
   Editor with Syntax Highlighting and (One-Line-)Indenter that can
   Create, Open, Close, Save & Print Files and there are already
   operations like Cut, Copy & Paste implemented. Search and some Tools
   are integrated as well. gIDE is currently in heavy development and
   help will always be appreciated.
   Beginning with this release GTK 1.0.x is not longer supported.
   If Guile is installed, Scheme Configuration Files are used, but
   old-style Configuration Files are still supported.


		Linux-x86 Binary (w/o guile):

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