Re: [gtk-list] GUBI/GUI builder problems



//I have downloaded the latest (actually quite old) version of GUBI but
//didn't find the matching gtk version (gtk+970828.tar.gz) on the gtk site.
//Could someone tell me where to find it?  Another question.  What's the
//current status of GUBI? What about GLE? What's the main difference between
//GUBI and Glade? (Functionality / approach...) Is there / will there be a
//usable GUI builder for gtk?

Yes, GUBI is quite old, and as far as I know, the project has been 
discontinued. This should really be noted on the GUBI web page, if it is the 
case. GLE, afaik, is still being worked on, but not usable yet. Glade is being 
worked on and usable. I don't know about the differences, not having used 



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