Re: GnuCash needs developers (esp for GTK/GNOME/Guile work).

>   2) Take the GtkSheet widget and modify it to do what we need.
>      Specifically, it will need to support per-cell fonts (maybe),
>      in-place editing, etc.  Right now it only supports the standard
>      spreadsheet model where you edit in a plain text edit box in the
>      top left corner.  These changes should also eventually go back
>      upstream.

I would like this to happen.

>   3) Take the GnomeCanvas and build what we want on top of that.  In
>      some ways this might be the easiest and the most flexible.  The
>      GnomeCanvas is like the Tk Canvas.  You would have to decide
>      whether to represent the visible but inactive cells as actual
>      widgets, or just draw their contents yourself.  The currently
>      active widget would, of course, be a real widget, and you'd have
>      to move it around, and change its type, appropriately as the user
>      selects different cells.

Gnumeric implements exactly this.  

The Canvas is nice in that regard:  you can define new canvas item
types that will be specialized display objects.

> Of all these, I think the last one would be the most flexible, and
> probably the easiest to manage.  

Well, you can look at the Gnumeric sources, they implement a
spreadsheet with the details you mention, but I think it is a bit
overkill for your needs.


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