Re: CTree feature request

On Wed, Aug 12, 1998 at 12:18:58PM -0400, John Ellis wrote:
> I am interested in using the ctree's drag and drop functions
> to reorder items.
> For reference, the program is gmenu from GNOME.
> I see that the "tree_move" signal passes the new parent and sibling,
> but how do I get the old parent and sibling (where it came from).
> May I propose the signal as follows:
>   void (*tree_move)         (GtkCTree     *ctree,
>                              GtkCTreeNode *node,
>                              GtkCTreeNode *new_parent,
>                              GtkCTreeNode *new_sibling,
> new part starts here ->      GtkCTreeNode *old_parent,
>                              GtkCTreeNode *old_sibling);

I'm guessing that when you bind the signal, that it runs before the default
handler ... then you can get the old stuff from the node structure itself as
the new_parent and new_sibling have not yet been set ...

that might work I guess


George Lebl <>
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