Re: [gtk-list] Re: Center text

Marc> Pelaez Valdes Canek wrote:
>>  I have this small text window with a scrollbar.  The tex is larger than
>> the window, and I select part of the text, out of the view area.
>> ┐How I center the selected text in the view area?

Marc> I use :

Marc>   gtk_text_set_point         (GTK_TEXT   (text),    insertion_point);
Marc> gtk_text_insert (GTK_TEXT (text),  NULL, &text->style->black, NULL, "
Marc> ", 1); gtk_text_backward_delete (GTK_TEXT (text), 1);

Marc> where insertion_point is the position just after the selected area...

	Yeah, in fact I'm using that right now, but I dont like it. 

	And I want that the view area "jump" to the  point in question, not
scrolling to it. 

	Thanks anyway.

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