Re: [gtk-list] Re: Gtk--: G_List quirks

Michael Beach <> writes:

> 1) with many of the containers defined by STL, calling erase against an
> iterator into that container may invalidate other iterators active on
> that container (STL list is a notable exception to this). For some
> applications, this may be most inconvenient.

Yes, that's an old quirk indeed. But that has nothing to do with using 
STL containers or not, it just means you need to be careful about
those and know the limitations, as with any tools.
> 2) there are problems with exception safety w.r.t. auto_ptrs. If an
> exception is thrown while an item is being inserted into an STL


Uh, that's an even more exotic case that the first one you mentionned

> Sorry that this was so off-topic, and I'm not saying that one should
> never use STL, only that there are times when it is not a good idea.

This is getting off-topic indeed, time to stop this thread


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