Re: [gtk-list] Re: gtk--: DOC++ writes:
> > Hi Tero!
> >    Why not to use DOC++
> >
> > which is easy to use and very similar to Java doc generator. I guess you
> > need few hours to migrate.

For this I should probably check it out better. Currently the documentation
is down and it looks it'll become quite difficult to fix it properly.
(gensig now generates classes to header file that I dont want to document,
and I havent figured out yet how to filter out the unneeded classes..
Those classes also make perceps script to go to infinite loop.. the
same problem was with menus not documented in the "class hierarchy index"..

perceps script was quite good/flexible one and made good looking
documentation (== my own templates :).

> I've actually already done this.  I've got a version from a little while  
> back (0.7.9 or so) up on  It's 
> pretty much the same as what Tero's using now except that you get those   
> nifty little class hierarchy graphs ;)

I should probably take better look into doc++ and see how it'd work...
(perceps is apparently not maintained too actively either..)

-- Tero Pulkkinen -- --

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