Re: [gtk-list] Re: gtk--: DOC++

> > Oh, calm down, hot Estonian guys! Let's don't talk about c++ vs. something
> > else, i only wanna talk about autodocumentation systems, really.( BTW,
> > everything's sucks, except Smalltalk, and i say it absolutely seriously... )
> Actually, I beg to differ.  Forth is a pretty awesome language.  Let it be
> known that SmallTalk is a high level language that compiles to Forth-like
> code, so whatever SmallTalk can do, Forth can do as well.  And there are a
> few things that Forth can do that SmallTalk cannot, not without those <>
> system calls. 

In hopes of preventing a religious war, but at the risk of extending
this thread more than it probably should be on this list, let me point
out that all existing programming languages are equivalent as far as
what can be done and what can't be done.  From a theoretical point of
view they're all equivalent to a Turing machine) and from a practical
point of view, eventually everything is converted to machine language.
Now this doesn't mean that some things are easier in some languages
than others :-)


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