pixmap functions

i've been messing with this pixmap stuff for quite some time. someone said
before that gdk_pixmap_destroy is no longer used. and i assumed that is
why my source ceased to compile. the source for the scribble-simple.c
proggy gives this error:

scribble-simple.c: In function `configure_event':
scribble-simple.c:29: warning: implicit declaration of function
/tmp/cca243661.o: In function `configure_event':
/pub/home/finklesk/lang/cpp/scribble-simple.c:29: undefined reference to

it gave this all of a sudden i changed nothing on my system. i downloaded
the source again and tried it, but it still didn't work. i compiled and
installed gtk+-0.99.9, no change. i just tried 0.99.10, no change. someone
said before that there was a new function that replaces
gdk_pixmap_destroy with unref in it's name. i tried gtk_pixmap_unref but
it complains about this too. the tutorial says nothing about a change with
the gdk_pixmap_destroy function. and the scribble-simple.c source has been
adjusted for the unref funstion either.

anyone know what's wrong? why would code that compiled before stop
compiling all of a sudden with no changes to the source, the system, or
gtk+? anyone know anything about this pixmap unref function? got any
source that uses this?


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