Re: [gtk-list] Installing GTK by hand

>>>>> "DS" == Daniel Solaz <> writes:

 DS> In case it is not just absurdly complex, could somebody tell me
 DS> where should each component of the GTK system be placed? I run
 DS> Slackware linux and I like to make packages (a Slackware package
 DS> is just a tgz with an extra control script, that can be
 DS> uninstalled cleanly by pkgtool) of anything I use. 

It depends on how you run configure. By default 'make install' places
libs in /usr/local/lib and includes in /usr/local/include/{,gtk,gdk},
but if you go

	./configure --prefix=/tmp/gtk 

it will install relative to /tmp/gtk instead of /usr/local. This
way you'll be able to figure out which files go where.

regards, Kristian

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