Re: [gtk-list] Comments about gtk, Perl/Gtk (vs Tk)

On Thu, Apr 09, 1998 at 10:26:07AM +0300, dov@Orbotech.Co.IL wrote:
> * I found the syntax of the Gtk named parameters much noiser and 
>   verbose than necessary. Why use 
>           GtkWindow::title =>	"hello world",
>   when a simple 
>           -title => "hello world"
>   would do just as well? I'm sure that the number of ambigious cases
>   is very small.

This is a feature of gtk+ to be used mainly for programs generated
by gui builders: I don't think applications should be written in this
manner. What's wrong with:
	$win = new Gtk::Window;

> * The callback parameter (signal::clicked) should not only take code
>   references, but also array references, where the first element in
>   the array indicates the function to call, and the rest of the 
>   parameters are passed to the function when it is called in the 
>   callback. That's the way it's done in Tk.

This works that way when you call $object->signal_connect(...).

> * In Tk a parent creates it's children. In syntax for the same 
>   operation in Gtk is much noiser. Compare
>         Gtk::Widget->new("GtkButton",
> 			 GtkWidget::parent => $window,
>                          ) 
>   to:
>         $window->Button()

	$window->add(new Gtk::Button);

Something like that can be achieved using AUTOLOAD tricks, but I
don't' thinks it would be that useful...

> * I couldn't get gdk_imlib work from within Gtk. I don't know what
>   went wrong, but whatever I did, I always get:
>     Can't locate object method "init" via package "Gtk::Gdk::ImlibImage" 
>     at line 5.

What version of the module are you using?
Did you ran perl Makefile.PL --with-gdkimlib?

>   THis happened, even though extension.xsh contains:
>   BOOT:
>   {
>   callXS (boot_Gtk__Gdk__ImlibImage, cv, mark);
>   }
>   And the compilation seems to have been ok.

Gtk-0.1.1[56] broke the compilation of gdkimlib (at least for me).
Using the version from the cvs works here...
I'm going to merge 0.1.16 with the cvs version later today.


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