"Robert M. Muth": Re: gtk drum machine

To: owt1@cornell.edu (Owen W Taylor)
cc: Zach Beane <xach@mint.net>
Subject: Re: gtk drum machine


Zach suggested forwarding my gtk problem list to you
I hope you do not mind. Could you forward it to the
gtk mailing list. (I do not want to subscribe to it
just to post one article.)



Here are some problems I encountered with gtk 0.99.3 which may or may not
be fixed by now. Please do not flame me if they have indeed been fixed.

o Fileselector, if you scroll in the file subwindow and double click on a
  file way down in the list -> crash.

o Fileselector should have a filter.

o Radio buttons do not work as described in the tutorial (well, there was
  not much docu so maybe I did something wrong), I was able to have
  several selected items.

o I am using button triggered popup menus as described in the tutorial.
  This leaves the button which triggered the popup
  highlighted after the popup menu has gone, what am I doing wrong?.

o Speed. I have big matrix of buttons this makes the startup way to slow. 
  When I was using Xaw it was a lot faster ;-).

o Text entry fields: the default width should computed from the 
  gtk_entry_set_max_length setting.


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