Re: [gtk-list] Re: Clists -- double click or no

Federico Mena wrote:

> >  Is there a way to sense double click on the clists so that you can have
> >  it pull up a dialog to edit the information (much like a listview in
> >  some programs in Win95)?  If so, is this "koshier" in the X/GTK way of
> >  doing things?
> Yes and yes.  The "select_row" signal will pass on the event that
> generated the signal to the handler, so you can use it to see whether
> it was a double click.  Try something like this:


>   You can use the gtk_clist_set_column_width() function for that.
>   Quartic

  Thank you.  I found the column width after sending the message.  I have one more
question that I wasn't able to find easily I am afraid and forgot to ask with my last
post.  How can you differentiate between buttons?  Is it similar to detecting double
click?  I noticed testgtk on clist test seems to think they are the same button (only
a two button mouse, didn't try the hacked 3 button concept).  Also, can you force it
to know the difference between single and double, or only know when it was a double?

(Your code showed how to isolate the one but not the other.)

Thank you very much,
Trever Adams

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