Re: [gtk-list] found a patch for wm_class

On Fri, 12 Sep 1997, Adrian Likins wrote:

> found a patch on the wm list to add the wm_class attribute stuff to gtk/gdk
> windows. Raph (or maybe Owen) made a similar patch once, but I dont think it
> ever got into u1 or anyother patched up gtk. Not sure if this is much
> different, but figured I would point it out.
> the url is:
> Adrian

With due respect, my patch is quite a bit better, as it allows 
applications to set their own wm name and class hints. The one posted 
above simply hardcodes the class to "GDK_App".

I can't the patch find it quickly now, but if anyone wants it, let me 
know and I'll track it down.


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