Re: [gtk-list] Changing pixmaps

Pavel Greenfield <> writes:

> Actually I just realized that I can't figure out much more than the value
> of val in 
> GtkWidget* gtk_pixmap_new        (GdkPixmap  *pixmap,
> 				  GdkBitmap  *mask);
> void       gtk_pixmap_set        (GtkPixmap  *pixmap,
> 				  GdkPixmap  *val,
> 				  GdkBitmap  *mask);

The val argument to gtk_pixmap_set is just the pixmap argument to
gtk_pixmap_new (it can't be called pixmap, since that's already used
to refer to the GtkPixmap argument)

> Can I use these function to change a pixmap that is already appearing in a
> button, or do I have to completely reassign (following Ian's
> example) pixmapwid to a new value with gtk_pixmap_new() and repack into
> the box? (How would you unpack the previous one, then?)

You should just be able to use gtk_pixmap_set. (To unpack a widget,
use gtk_container_remove.)


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