Please excuse this barrage of mail... Here's a bunch of questions I ran
into when writing the small application I just announced. Hopefully others
can benefit by the answers...

1. How much a part of the preview (drawing area, really) is the gdk_drawn
stuff? Is it supposed to dissappear when the window is covered by other
windows or when you switch to another desktop?! 

2. Here's a follow up to the question I've asked Owen before. To make
above for the issue in 1. I "re-draw when exposed". However, redraws fires
an "expose" event which causes it to redraw which causes it to "expose"
and you get the idea. Naturally, there's an easy way to work around this
problem, but to me it seems unnatural to have to! Thoughts, please...

3. OK, so I redraw when exposed... However, redrawing the entire graph is
expensive. So... is there a way to find out which part is exposed. Or
should I compose the graph of a lattice of tiles and attach handlers to
each of the tiles? 
 I remember, someone pointed out to me that you can draw to a pixmap and
then spit it out when necessary... Please point me to an example...

4. I guess I could find out the answers to the following myself, but while
I'm at it... a. What exaxtly does gtk_widget_draw(widget,?) do? b. What is
the second parameter? c. Do you need to redraw after you changed the
preview? d. Is it possible to redraw only part of a widget... or is that
an inexpensive call and it doesn't matter anyway? e. How come you can't
draw columns in a preview?

5. Does GTK provide any tools for floating widgets? You know how you can
move a label in a graph in Excel? Resizable widgets? You know how you can
resize a label in a graph in Excel? 

6. General Q's (all of the same nature). Can you attach two different
widgets to the same spot in a table and hide one when you show the other
or will it complain or not work? Can you place widgets into a preview thus
creating a for a set of widgets. Can you place a bunch of widgets into a
table and gdk_draw() in the table and thus accross the widgets? What
happens if 2 different widgets, both capturing events, overlap: would both
of them capture, say, a mouth click? In what order?...

I guess that's enough for now...


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  pavel@ml.com        |
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