Re: [gtk-list] Suggest me a Xaw application to port to gtk

Xfig!  Rewrite the interface while you're at it.


> Since this is my first post to the gtk-list, let me congratulate you
> for the great job!  Gtk rules (well... it hopefully will someday).
> I would like to learn gtk and do something useful at the same time.
> Can anybody suggest me a Xaw application to port to gtk?  Of course,
> it shouldn't require writing new widgets. ;-)  I have a reasonable
> experience in Xaw programming (yuck!), and some in raw X.
> BTW, I had minor problems in compiling gnome-0.8 on Linux 
> (Red Hat 4.2); where should I report them?
> Regards,
>         Massimo Campostrini, 
> Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Sezione di Pisa.
> WWW home page:
> -- 
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