[announce] KanjiPad, a new GTK "application"

I've finally put together a release of KanjiPad, a Japanese
handwriting recognition program that I've had kicking around for a
while.  This mostly consisted of rewriting the remaining portions from
Perl to C. Not a reflection on Perl, (which was great for
prototyping), but an attempt make it more universally available.

It's a very simple (but snazzy) which puts up a window for
users to draw in, then displays the best candidate characters, which
can be selected and pasted into other applications. (This program was
the inspiration for my work with GTK selections).

The handwriting writing recognition is based on Todd David Rudick's
algorithms from JavaDict, as tranlated into C by Robert Well's for
his program JavaDict.

Just to give some idea of it's snazzyness (due to the above people,
not me):

 * The installed program and data take up 60k of disk space
 * It can recognize ~2000 characters with > 95% accuracy
   (as long as the stroke order is correct)
 * The recognition is, for all practical purposes, instant. (<< 1 sec)

It's available from:

                                        Owen Taylor

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