Boxed events

Ugh, I've just been trying to get events re-adapted to Perl, and it's not
much fun. It appears that events really don't fit into the "boxed" 
metaphor very well (or I am misunderstanding the boxing process.) Unlike
the other _ref and _unref procedures, gdk_event_copy actually returns a
copy of the original event, and a different pointer (which complicates
quite a bit the procedure needed to make sure Perl always uses the same
Perl shadow object for a particular GdkEvent object.) 

It's also unclear how to allocate a gdk object from scratch (or whether an
application would ever need to do this.)

My code isn't helped by the fact that I'm trying to transform the Gtk
object into a genuine Perl object, instead of requiring access functions
to retrieve and modify the fields. 

Kenneth Albanowski (, CIS: 70705,126)

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