Newbie gtk questions

I'm doing some quick prototyping of my next project (a mini-quicken app),
using both gtk and Qt, using this as a basis to choose my next widget kit.
So far, most of the problems I've encountered with gtk have been a lack of
documentation, but between the source to gtk and gimp, I've been able to
figure out most things.

First question: Has anyone been able to compile gubi on a non-Linux
platform? The MAP_ANONYMOUS define used with mmap() doesn't exist on FreeBSD
or Solaris.

The remaining questions all have to do with GtkStyle and gtk_read_rc(), and
my desire to provide default values that can be overridden with the rc file.
I can approach this in several ways, I'm just trying to figure out what is
most feasible.

	1) Create my styles and use them, but then how to override them?
	   Create my styles only if the rc file doesn't exist?
	2) Have a global rc file that gets copied to some part of the users
	   home directory.  What if the file is missing?
	3) Have a global rc and a local rc file. Same concern
Of these, which fits best into the concepts of gtk? Ideally, I'd like to
have values compiled into the program, with a way for them to be
overridden/modified by a global config file, and further a way to
override/modify the global file with a local one.

Third question:  what is the official way to copy a GtkStyle? I have 
figured out you can't just modify the GtkStyle that gtk_widget_get_style
returns, as that usually affects more than just the widget you're trying
to modify. At the moment, I'm just getting a gtk_style_new, but as my
application grows, I'm going to be wanting to say "style X but with this
one change" more and more often.

Fourth question:  I've noticed that it is possible to call gtk_rc_parse()
multiple times (for example a site config file, then a personal config
file), and changes to existing styles seem to be cumulative, as do new
style definiitions and new widget_class bindings, but overriding
previous widget_class bindings, and inherriting styles defined in other 
rc files doesn't seem to work.  Are there any plans to make this work
smoother, or is this something that I shouldn't even be toying with?

Fifth question:  If I can't get the above dual rc file idea to work, is
there some way to provide defaults that the rc file can override? I'd
rather avoid doing the traditional "copy the rc file from a master file
the first time the user starts up the application" type of defaults.

Last real question:  using gtk_rc_parse(), is there any way to store
non-gtk application configuration information in the rc file? I'd rather
avoid having two rc files for the application.

Last question: Why is libgtk so much larger than libqt? i haven't noticed
that much of a difference in their functionality, but I haven't gotten
very far into them yet.

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